Chillies come in a range of shapes, sizes and degrees of heat. Many cooks find these popular summer vegetables an indispensable partner in the kitchen whether in the fresh or dried form. Chilli plants love the sun and may be grown in the vegie patch or in pots.

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Floriana Gourmet Gardener Patio Harvest vegetable range answers the needs of small space gardeners who long to grow their own healthy, flavoursome vegetables, but who have, until now, been unable to accommodate large growing varieties in their gardens.

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Which tomato is a big question at tomato time when presented with such a confusing array of options. Floriana has simplified them all with a new range of vegetables - appropriately named Gourmet Gardener. Now you can select the right tomato for you from Floriana's range of Gourmet Gardener vegetables.

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Strawberry Lowanna is just one of the many strawberry varieties available from Floriana. Lowanna is a high-yielding variety bred specifically for Australian conditions and has a much longer fruiting period than other varieties. For best results plant in a full sun position. Start with plenty of organic matter and ensure good drainage. If planting in pots use a large well-drained tub.

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A fast growing lettuce that can be grown in pots or vegetable beds. It comes as a mixed punnet of red and green plants. You can harvest the whole plant, or just pick off a few leaves at a time to make an attractive Caesar salad that looks as good as it tastes. It is a looser leaf variety than our normal cos lettuce, and being a little smaller, it matures quicker and would be perfect in a balcony garden.


The variety we have sourced is 'slow bolting', which means it doesn't run to seed as quickly as some coriander varieties. Coriander will run to seed if it 'gets hungry' ie lacks fertiliser, dries out, or is planted in full sun in the middle of summer. Keep the plants growing by allowing good drainage and regular feeding and watering. It grows well in cooler weather, although it is frost tender. You can use the leaves fresh, grind the roots for a more intense flavour and even use the seeds to flavour curries.


After years of trialing, Floriana believe that this is the finest large broccoli variety available. It produces a central head, and when cut, smaller side shoots can also form. Make sure to harvest the most mature head first. Heads can be blanched, then frozen.


An excellent root crop vegetable, which stores for months. It loves well drained, friable soil. Harvest when roots are no bigger than a tennis ball. For baby beets, simply harvest earlier. The smaller leaves may be eaten and add a zesty colour and flavour to leaf salads.


Ornamental as well as tasty, this heirloom variety features brilliantly coloured stalks that look as at home in a flower garden as a vegetable garden. Colours include bright red, yellow, and pink. Silverbeet Rainbow is one of those plants that make people stop and have a look. Silverbeet leaves are best eaten when young and tender and continual harvesting encourages more growth. Harvest the outside leaves first and do not over cook, simply blanche quickly in hot water.

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